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Invest in the future of GPS

  • € 1.700.000 current estimated value
  • Estimated ROI 303%
  • Global market potential (as Tool2Find works in 190 countries)
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  • Get to use a special AR-Camera
  • Online/Offline button
  • Avaiable on Iphone and Android
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Simply download the app from Google Play or Apple Appstore.

add a friend

2. Add a friend

Add your first friend to start finding and following your friends.

find and follow

3. Find & follow friends

Start finding and following your friends everywhere. Never miss each other on a date.

Start following your friends on Android and iPhone!

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Can you find me?

Find your friends in crowded places with app2find
  • never lose each other
  • find everyone within seconds
  • locate exactly up to 1 meter / 3.3 feet

Is this the right blind date?

Dont mistake in talking to the wrong date with App2Find
  • never talk to the wrong blind date
  • no waiting at two separate tabels
  • be sure she looks like the photo you got

Where is my crew?

Manage your fleet with a free fleetmanager.
  • find your nearest driver
  • plan your transport efficient & flexible
  • no need for status reports

Tool2Find, a product made by Firm2Find. The tool to find anything back which is valuable to you. Now is your chance to invest in this great product and company.

  • € 1.700.000 current estimated value (even without the actual value of App2Find)
  • Estimated ROI 303%
  • Global market potential (as it works in 190 countries, data first year included)

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